Digital Signage

Our WiFi and remotely controlled in-store TV screens offer you a dynamic solution to promoting your brand, team, promotions and more in your store. From conception to installation and content management, we deliver content to your screens at a touch of a button.

Digital signage means dynamic advertising, gone are the days of static ads, that are a hassle to change and adapt to your business’s or brand’s needs. We Digitl Sky’s digital signage we bring your products, promotions and news straight to your audiences, keeping it fresh and relevant. There’s no need to print out specials and paste them up in store, our content management systems can display your daily, weekly or monthly specials as required, with just a click of a button, once our team has designed them. 

Want to alert your customers to a new product arrival in your store – easy, we’ve got you covered. Need your customers to know you’re running a promotion? Look no further than our digital signage option. Our smart TVs bring your brand to life in your stores in a sophisticated, engaging and exciting manner. As the world continues to move away from more traditional means of advertising, digital signage presents an exceptional offering for a variety of purposes.