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Our Full Circle Creative Agency

From 1 Graphic Designer to a team of 30 plus and counting!

Our beginnings may be humble, our future is bound to be prosperous! DigitlSky started with a goal to have 23 clients and one team member. Soon realising that our approach set us apart, our company grew organically through word of mouth extending us to the far corners of South Africa and now the United States of America.

DigitlSky is built on the fundamental understanding of “Our success is based on yours”. Because of this we’ve changed our outlook from seeing you as a “Client” to investing in you as a “Partner”.

There is no silver bullet to marketing. There is however a silver bullet to service and that is a heart of humility. We believe that a great product, partnered with an attitude of service is a recipe for success and that is why DigitlSky continues to grow.

Our Digital Marketing agency offers a basket of products and services with you, our partners in mind. From Social Media Management, to Lead Generation from web development to product photography and videography, our digital products are implemented with your success at its core.





A results-orientated approach with an emphasis on creating effective and measurable campaigns that drive conversions, leads and a desirable ROI for your company. Utilising Meta, TikTok, email marketing and Google, our team of professional media buyers ensure that your campaigns put your companies budget to work. Brands that trust us with this: Sony Africa, Audi, VW and Simply Sinks USA to name a few of over 100 brands that work with us on a daily basis.


A strategic, results orientated approach to social media management and content marketing. Our service driven approach puts our team in your hot seat. What sets us apart? Our service coupled with our product. We plan our content strategies with your business goals in mind. Every post has an objective, every ad needs a return. Brands that trust us: SPAR, FreshStop, Cape Tiles, Sundale Dairy and Raubex Infra to name but a few.


Digital screen content controlled remotely. DigitlSky utilises the most cost effective and efficient content management system on the planet. Trusted by companies such as Mc Donalds and Subway! With a 99.9% uptime, your in store digital screens will entice and entertain your customers from the moment they step in, to time they checkout! SPAR, Food Lovers Market, Pick n Pay.


- Our US based sister company Conversion Suite and OBI social have recently launched an AI driven social media lead generation tool that is sure to shape the digital landscape. A proven method to reduce your CPMS, increase your ROI’s all at a fraction of agency costs. Watch this space for more!


A comprehensive and professional approach to content creation through video and photo which includes Product Photography, Commercial Projects and Events. We breath life into your ideas, business, products and story. Brands that trust us with this - TBWA


A holistic approach to creating effective and efficient web solutions including architecture, design and functionality. Brands that trust us with this - Novate Holdings, Shelford Juices, Sundale Dairy to name but a few.

The innovation station

Our dynamic team of creatives will take the time to understand who you are, what your business stands for, and the direction you want to take it in. We will carefully craft a data centric roadmap to guide you there!

We've stood by our strategy since day one, and our results speak for themselves, having generated MILLIONS in revenue for our clients. Feel free to ask for some of our client results!

  • Relationship Focused

  • Service Driven

  • Results Motivated





Sundale Dairy

ABOUT THE PROJECT A proudly Eastern Cape-based company making waves on a global scale, Sundale Dairy approached us to assist them in reaching their

NTT Volkswagen

ABOUT THE PROJECT One of our longest-standing clients, DigitlSky, initially assisted our local NTT Volkswagen dealership with lead generation and content creation. We have

Cape Tiles

ABOUT THE PROJECT Our relationship with Cape Tiles began in both our founding years and theirs. As one of the most dynamic brands, with

Audi Centre

ABOUT THE PROJECT A titan in the motor vehicle industry, our relationship with Audi Centre began with a fundamental understanding of the importance of




What People are Saying


Dealing with Digitl Sky makes our marketing effortless! Their values of honesty and integrity play out in their everyday operations. Their offering and go-the-extra-mile approach creates an interdependence that is unmatched in the market . Without a doubt Digitl Sky consistently exceed our expectations and make themselves a Self-Funding asset to our businesses

Barry Moldenhauer

CEO Moldenhauer Group

My experience with Digitl Sky has always been a pleasure. They never disappoint and are always on top of their game. They continuously go the extra mile for us to keep us happy. The quality of their work and the service they offer is unmatched. I would recommend them to anyone

Julian Coetzee

Build it Mdantsane, Amalinda and Fort Jackson

Digitl Sky listen to our marketing needs , plan a strategy and execute and deliver on their promises. We are blown away with the success of their Lead Generation campaign and their content strategy they have put in place for us. Thank you Digitl Sky team

Cindy Field

LFD Flooring
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